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disc brake [2]click to hear

Braking mechanism comprising a disc attached to the wheel, whose rotation is slowed down when the brake pads exert friction on it.
disc brake [2] disc caliper brake line piston brake pad

disc click to hear

Round plate interlocked with the wheel whose rotation slows down as it is braked by the friction of the brake pads.

caliper click to hear

Viselike part comprising a piston, which straddles the brake disc and supports the brake pads.

brake line click to hear

Tube carrying the brake fluid, which becomes pressurized when the driver steps on the brake pedal.

piston click to hear

Part put into motion by hydraulic pressure, which pushes the brake pads to squeeze the disc.

brake pad click to hear

Metal plate that is held by the caliper; it is covered with a heat-resistant material that rubs against the disc to slow down its rotation.