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cross section of a roadclick to hear

Road: thoroughfare connecting two geographical points, usually urban centers.
cross section of a road solid line broken line subgrade slope ditch subbase bank base course shoulder bed earth foundation embankment base surface course roadway

solid line click to hear

Line demarcating the edge of the roadway or, when in the center of the roadway, indicating that passing is prohibited.

broken line click to hear

Line demarcating the two lanes of the roadway and showing that passing is permitted.

subgrade click to hear

Layer supporting the base course and the subbase and providing drainage.

slope click to hear

Steeply sloped ground between the ditch and the bank and between the ditch and the shoulder.

ditch click to hear

Ditch parallel to the roadway; surface water drains into it.

subbase click to hear

Base of a roadway, made up of coarse compacted gravel, making the roadway solid and stable.

bank click to hear

Natural land along the edge of the road.

base course click to hear

Top foundation layer, made up of fine compacted material; the driving surface lies on it.

shoulder click to hear

Area between the roadway and the ditch, providing the roadway lateral support; it is also a place for emergency stops.

bed click to hear

Composed of the embankment and the earth foundation; the base rests on it.

earth foundation click to hear

Part of the ground that was not excavated during the road’s construction.

embankment click to hear

Layers of material used to build up or level the route the road is to take.

base click to hear

Series of layers above the embankment reducing stress exerted by the traffic and preventing the bed from deforming.

surface course click to hear

Roadway’s driving surface; it is smooth, impermeable and provides a good grip for vehicles.

roadway click to hear

Surface upon which vehicles drive.