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service stationclick to hear

Commercial establishment comprising one or several gasoline pumps and carrying out general maintenance of vehicles.
service station kiosk pump island office maintenance car wash air pump mechanics ice dispenser soft-drink dispenser gasoline pump

kiosk click to hear

Hut where customers can quickly settle their fuel bills.

pump island click to hear

Space where the gasoline pumps are installed.

office click to hear

Workplace for administrative personnel.

maintenance click to hear

Workshop where the necessary checks and adjustments are made to vehicles.

car wash click to hear

Station where vehicles are automatically washed.

air pump click to hear

Machine connected to a compressor, used for inflating tires to their required air pressure.

mechanics click to hear

Workshop where engines and their related systems are maintained and repaired.

ice dispenser click to hear

Refrigerated box containing bags of ice for self-service.

soft-drink dispenser click to hear

Automated machine serving soft drinks; it is activated by the insertion of coins into a slot.

gasoline pump click to hear

Machine with a pump for refilling vehicles with fuel.