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spark plugclick to hear

Electric device whose two electrodes produce the spark necessary to ignite the air/gasoline mixture in the cylinder.
spark plug spark plug gap ground electrode spark plug body spark plug gasket hex nut insulator center electrode spline spark plug terminal

spark plug gap click to hear

Space between two electrodes, where the spark is created.

ground electrode click to hear

Metal shank welded to the spark plug body and curving under the center electrode.

spark plug body click to hear

Lower part of the spark plug that screws into the cylinder head. The ground electrode is part of the spark plug body, from which the end of the center electrode protrudes.

spark plug gasket click to hear

Machined part providing the seal between the spark plug body and the cylinder head.

hex nut click to hear

Six-faced nut providing a grip on the spark plug to tighten it.

insulator click to hear

Porcelain part, resistant to high temperatures, insulating the center electrode to prevent short circuits.

center electrode click to hear

Metal shank through which the electric current passes after being transmitted by the terminal.

spline click to hear

Rib that prevents the current from spreading outside the spark plug, thus avoiding short circuits.

spark plug terminal click to hear

Top part of the spark plug that plugs into a cable connected to the distributor cap.