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turbo-compressor engineclick to hear

Engine equipped with a device combining a turbine with a compressor, which increases the amount of air entering the engine to increase its efficiency.
turbo-compressor engine exhaust pipe combustion chamber piston exhaust valve driving turbine wheel driven compressor wheel charge air cooler exhaust manifold warm-air outlet intake manifold exhaust gas admission

exhaust pipe click to hear

Tubular conduit conducting the exhaust gases from the turbo-compressor to the muffler.

combustion chamber click to hear

Part of the cylinder in which the pressurized air/fuel mixture is ignited and burned.

piston click to hear

Metal moving part in the cylinder and attached to the connecting rod; it compresses the air/fuel mixture, then receives the thrust from the burned gases.

exhaust valve click to hear

Part that opens to allow the burned gases to escape.

driving turbine wheel click to hear

Part converting the energy from the exhaust gases into rotational energy to activate the compressor.

driven compressor wheel click to hear

Part integrated with the driving turbine wheel; it spins very quickly as it draws in air and compresses it.

charge air cooler click to hear

The heat exchanger cools the compressed air before it enters the cylinders.

exhaust manifold click to hear

Set of pipes at the exit of the cylinders; it captures the exhaust gases and conducts them to the turbo-compressor.

warm-air outlet click to hear

When compressed, the temperature of the air increases greatly, which can make it less effective.

intake manifold click to hear

After cooling, the air is again conducted to the combustion chamber, which takes in more air.

exhaust gas admission click to hear

The flow of the exhaust gas is conducted directly from the combustion chamber to the turbo compressor to drive the turbine.