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Christmas treeclick to hear

Group of devices at the head of the producing well that regulate the flow of oil being extracted from the deposit.
Christmas tree pressure gauge flow bean pipeline tubing valve casing first string tubing tubing head master gate valve

pressure gauge click to hear

Device that measures the oil pressure inside the producing well.

flow bean click to hear

Calibrated opening of a flow line through which oil flows; it is used to limit the flow from a producing well.

pipeline click to hear

Steel piping that carries oil from the well to the refining facilities.

tubing valve click to hear

Device that regulates the flow of oil extracted from the well and carries it in flow lines, here toward an oil pipeline.

casing first string click to hear

First column of large-diameter tubes that are inserted into the producing well mainly to strengthen its walls.

tubing click to hear

Last column of small steel tubes to be inserted in the well; they are used to bring oil to the surface.

tubing head click to hear

Equipment to which oil production and extraction tubes and devices (Christmas tree, tubing) are attached.

master gate valve click to hear

Main device that regulates the flow of oil; it can completely shut off the outflow.