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alkaline manganese-zinc cellclick to hear

High-performance battery that produces 1.5 V and has a longer life span than the carbon-zinc cell; it is used in devices such as flashlights, portable CD players and camera flash units.
alkaline manganese-zinc cell direction of electron flow zinc-electrolyte mix (anode) electron collector steel casing separator manganese mix (cathode) sealing plug bottom cap sealing material

direction of electron flow click to hear

When a chemical reaction occurs, the electrons move from the negative terminal toward the positive terminal, thus creating an electric current.

zinc-electrolyte mix (anode) click to hear

Substance that is made up of zinc and electrolyte (potassium hydroxide); it constitutes the positive electrode (anode).

electron collector click to hear

Zinc rod that is connected to the bottom cap; it collects the electrons from the anode that are attracted to the cathode.

steel casing click to hear

Covering that protects the battery.

separator click to hear

Porous paper combined with a chemical paste (potassium hydroxide) that separates the two electrodes; this allows electrons to pass, thus conducting electricity.

manganese mix (cathode) click to hear

Substance made up of manganese dioxide and carbon; it constitutes the negative electrode (cathode).

sealing plug click to hear

Material that seals the battery.

bottom cap click to hear

Lower metal cover; the negative terminal is located at its center.

sealing material click to hear

Material (nylon) that seals the battery.