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carbon-zinc cellclick to hear

Battery that produces 1.5 V (also called Leclanch├ę); its use is very widespread (pocket calculators, portable radios, alarm clocks).
carbon-zinc cell washer sealing plug positive terminal top cap electrolytic separator jacket carbon rod (cathode) depolarizing mix zinc can (anode) bottom cap negative terminal

washer click to hear

Disk that compresses the depolarizing mix.

sealing plug click to hear

Material that seals the battery.

positive terminal click to hear

Polarity element of the battery from which the current flows.

top cap click to hear

Upper metal cover; the positive terminal is located at its center.

electrolytic separator click to hear

Porous paper combined with a chemical paste (ammonium chloride) that separates the two electrodes; this allows electrons to pass, thus conducting electricity.

jacket click to hear

Battery’s protective plastic casing.

carbon rod (cathode) click to hear

Carbon rod set in the depolarizing mix; it constitutes the battery’s negative electrode (cathode) collecting the electrons returning from the circuit.

depolarizing mix click to hear

Mixture of carbon and manganese dioxide that augments conductivity by acting as a barrier to polarization.

zinc can (anode) click to hear

Zinc receptacle that constitutes the battery’s positive electrode (anode).

bottom cap click to hear

Lower metal cover; the negative terminal is located at its center.

negative terminal click to hear

Polarity element of the battery toward which the current flows.