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Person who rides a horse; during dressage competitions, the rider’s attire and the horse’s harness are strictly regulated.
rider saddle jacket girth glove boot stirrup iron

saddle click to hear

Somewhat curved unit that is made mostly of leather; it is set on the horse’s back for the rider to sit on.

jacket click to hear

Long-sleeved coat that is closed in front and often has tails; it is dark in color and is worn over a white shirt and a white tie.

girth click to hear

Strap around the horse’s belly that keeps the saddle on its back.

glove click to hear

Covering for the hand and wrist that takes the shape of the fingers; white gloves are mandatory in dressage competitions.

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Footwear that comes up to just below the knee; in dressage, the rider wears black boots over white pants.

stirrup iron click to hear

Metal ring that hangs from each side of the saddle to support the rider’s feet.