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racetrackclick to hear

Place that is designed for horse races; it is made up of an oval track (flat or with obstacles) and stands.
racetrack starting gate homestretch grandstand judge’s stand finish line paddock tote board clubhouse turn clubhouse stable backstretch length post far turn

starting gate click to hear

Mobile, compartmentalized barrier behind which the horses line up before the start; at a signal, all the compartment gates open at the same time.

homestretch click to hear

Straight line between the far turn and the finish line; it constitutes the last sprint before the end of the race.

grandstand click to hear

Space reserved for spectators.

judge’s stand click to hear

Space reserved for the track judges who establish the horses’ order of arrival at the finish line, using the videotape if necessary.

finish line click to hear

Line that marks the end of a race; a video camera helps identify the winner when the horses are bunched very close together.

paddock click to hear

Area where the horses and their jockeys are presented to the public before a race.

tote board click to hear

Display board that shows the various data on the race (such as class and betting information); it sometimes has a giant screen.

clubhouse turn click to hear

First turn after the start and near the clubhouse; the jockeys try to position their horses on the inside track to reduce the distance to cover.

clubhouse click to hear

Building that houses various services such as bar, restaurant, glassed-in stands and betting booths.

stable click to hear

Building where the horses are boarded and cared for.

backstretch click to hear

Straight part on the side opposite the stands.

length post click to hear

Markers that are placed at regular intervals along the track so that jockeys can assess the distance still to cover.

far turn click to hear

Last turn; the homestretch begins at the exit from it.