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casting [3]click to hear

Fishing that consists of letting a hook drop and sink into the water and reeling it back in to simulate the movement of a small fish.
casting [3] baitcasting reel stand crank star drag wheel spool-release mechanism spool axle spool

baitcasting reel click to hear

Reel from which the line unwinds due to the rotation of the spool on its axis.

stand click to hear

Long part of the reel, attached at each end to the reel seat, which secures the reel to the handgrip of the rod.

crank click to hear

Device used to turn the spool and rewind the fishing line.

star drag wheel click to hear

Star-pointed wheel that stops the fishing line from unwinding when the hooked fish pulls on the line.

spool-release mechanism click to hear

Mechanism that releases the brake so the spool can once again turn freely.

spool axle click to hear

Metal rod around which the fishing line is wound.

spool click to hear

Cylinder on which the fishing line is wound.