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casting [4]click to hear

Fishing that consists of letting a hook drop and sink into the water and reeling it back in to simulate the movement of a small fish.
casting [4] fishhook point barb bend throat gap shank eye

fishhook click to hear

Metal hook of variable size attached to the end of float tackle and baited with a natural or artificial lure intended to catch a fish.

point click to hear

Pointed end of the fishhook that catches on the fish’s mouth.

barb click to hear

Reverse projection that prevents the fishhook from falling out of the fish’s mouth.

bend click to hear

Rounded end of the fishhook.

throat click to hear

Depth of the fishhook.

gap click to hear

Width of the fishhook.

shank click to hear

Straight part between the bend and the eye of the fishhook.

eye click to hear

Hole through which the fishing line passes so the fishhook can be attached to the line or to float tackle.