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casting [6]click to hear

Fishing that consists of letting a hook drop and sink into the water and reeling it back in to simulate the movement of a small fish.
casting [6] float tackle swivel snelled fishhook snap sinker leader bobber

float tackle click to hear

Range of accessories at the end of the fishing line and ending with the fishhook; the length of the leader depends on the kind of fish being caught.

swivel click to hear

Rotating accessory consisting of two eyes that allow the artificial lure or the float tackle to rotate freely.

snelled fishhook click to hear

Ready-tied fishhook attached to float tackle at the end of the fishing line.

snap click to hear

Metal ring that opens and closes with a spring-loaded gate; it is used to connect the snelled fishhook to a swivel.

sinker click to hear

Small lead object used to weight the line during the cast and to carry the fishhook underwater.

leader click to hear

Length of steel wire between the fishing line and the fishhook that prevents the line from being cut by predatory fish such as pike.

bobber click to hear

Light object filled with air that keeps the bait at a certain depth below water level and signals a bite by its movement.