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flyfishing [3]click to hear

Fishing method that consists of delicately placing an artificial fly on or in the water; it simulates a real insect landing to attract fish.
flyfishing [3] artificial fly tail tip butt fishhook body ribbing joint hackle head shoulder cheek topping wing veil

artificial fly click to hear

Arrangement of thread and feathers attached to a fishhook that imitates a winged insect; it can be cast over the water (dry fly) or into the water (wet fly).

tail click to hear

Feathers resembling a winged insect’s tail.

tip click to hear

Silver thread at the butt end of the fly.

butt click to hear

Material (wool) that is wound around part of the fly to make it thicker and hence more attractive.

fishhook click to hear

Metal hook of variable size attached to the end of float tackle and baited with a natural or artificial lure intended to catch a fish.

body click to hear

Thread wrapped around the shaft of a fishhook to resemble a winged insect’s body.

ribbing click to hear

Gold or silver thread wrapped around the body of the fly; it imitates the stripes on a winged insect.

joint click to hear

Point where the two parts of the fly meet.

hackle click to hear

Rooster feathers used to imitate a winged insect’s feet and neck.

head click to hear

Part resembling a winged insect’s head.

shoulder click to hear

Base of a feather resembling a winged insect’s shoulder.

cheek click to hear

Feathers resembling a winged insect’s side.

topping click to hear

Feathers resembling a winged insect’s back.

wing click to hear

Feathers resembling an insect’s wing.

veil click to hear

Feathers resembling the underside of an insect’s wing.