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Arachnids: invertebrates usually with four pairs of legs and two pairs of appendages attached to their heads.
examples of arachnids scorpion garden spider red-kneed tarantula crab spider water spider tick

scorpion click to hear

Relatively large carnivorous arachnid with spines, usually found on land; it has pincers and its abdomen ends in a tail with a poisonous sting.

garden spider click to hear

Arachnid with a bulging stomach that weaves large webs and is commonly found in fields and gardens; its various species can be found around the world.

red-kneed tarantula click to hear

Large hairy arachnid found in Mexico, having a painful but usually innocuous bite; it lives underground in a closed compartment or cocoon.

crab spider click to hear

Widespread small arachnid that moves sideways and has powerful front legs; it changes color to catch its prey.

water spider click to hear

Aquatic arachnid found in Eurasia; to live in the water, it weaves a kind of bell that it fills with air and carries along on the hairs of its abdomen.

tick click to hear

Extremely small arachnid, parasite of animals and occasionally humans; it can transmit infectious diseases.