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examples of insects [5]click to hear

Insects: invertebrates with bodies divided into three parts; they usually have three pairs of legs, two pairs of wings and antennae.
examples of insects [5] burying beetle furniture beetle flea tsetse fly mosquito louse

burying beetle click to hear

Insect that lays its eggs on dead animals or decomposing matter, which it buries; the egg cache gives off a strong musky smell.

furniture beetle click to hear

Small insect, common throughout Europe; its larva feeds on lumber and dead wood.

flea click to hear

Extremely small, wingless leaping insect, a parasite of certain mammals, birds and humans; it stings them to feed off their blood.

tsetse fly click to hear

Stinging African insect, a parasite of mammals, birds and humans; it is best known for transmitting sleeping sickness.

mosquito click to hear

Insect with two wings and long antennae; the female stings humans and animals to feed off their blood.

louse click to hear

Small wingless insect, a parasite of humans, mammals, birds and certain plants.