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morphology of a starfishclick to hear

Starfish: carnivorous echinoderm found in the ocean depths; it generally has five arms, which allow it to crawl slowly along surfaces.
morphology of a starfish tube foot central disk spine eyespot madreporite arm

tube foot click to hear

Small flexible tube extending and retracting with the action of the ampulla; it mainly allows the organism to move about, anchor itself to a support and capture its prey.

central disk click to hear

Central region of the body; the starfish’s arms are attached to it.

spine click to hear

More or less movable outgrowths of calcareous plates forming the skeleton and enabling the starfish to ward off its predators.

eyespot click to hear

Small light-sensitive structure located at the terminal end of each arm, allowing it to locate surfaces and prey.

madreporite click to hear

Porous dorsal plate that allows water to enter the body; it connects the ambulacral ossicle to the outside world, and thus ensures locomotion.

arm click to hear

Movable appendage radiating around the central disk; it has a mainly tactile and olfactory function. The starfish can regenerate an amputated arm.