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anatomy of a starfishclick to hear

anatomy of a starfish ring canal rectal cecum anus stomach gonad pyloric cecum gonopore intestine radial canal ampulla esophagus mouth

ring canal click to hear

Circular canal in which filtered water enters through the madreporite and branches out into the radiated canals.

rectal cecum click to hear

Lateral duct of the terminal part of the digestive tract, where waste is stored before being expelled through the anus.

anus click to hear

Terminal orifice of the digestive tract allowing waste to be ejected; most of the undigested food is regurgitated rather than expelled through the anus.

stomach click to hear

Dilated section of the digestive tract preceding the intestine; it receives food to be digested.

gonad click to hear

Each of the two glands located in each arm, producing gametes (spermatozoids or ovules) depending on the sex of the starfish.

pyloric cecum click to hear

Radiated duct of the digestive tract producing digestive enzymes and also allowing digested food to be stored.

gonopore click to hear

Dorsal opening through which gametes (spermatozoids and ovules) are expelled into the water to be fertilized.

intestine click to hear

Section of the digestive tract between the stomach and the anus where absorption of nutrients is carried out and waste is transformed into fecal matter.

radial canal click to hear

Canal running the length of the arm; it receives water from the annular canal, which then passed into the tube feet.

ampulla click to hear

Bulb that contracts to let water enter the tube foot, allowing it to extend; when it dilates, the foot retracts.

esophagus click to hear

Muscular membranous channel of the anterior section of the digestive tract; it allows food to reach the stomach.

mouth click to hear

Anterior cavity of the digestive tract located on the ventral surface that allows food to be ingested.