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Ionic orderclick to hear

Order characterized by soaring columns with molded bases, capitals with volutes and a continuously sculpted frieze.
Ionic order stylobate scotia fillet flute fascia dentil frieze cornice sima euthynteria torus volute abacus tympanum

stylobate click to hear

Upper section of the crepidoma; it supports the columns.

scotia click to hear

Concave molding located at the base of the column.

fillet click to hear

Flat surface between the transverses.

flute click to hear

Vertical groove along the length of the column.

fascia click to hear

In the Ionic and Doric styles, each of a number of bands above the architrave.

dentil click to hear

Rectangular ornament in relief.

frieze click to hear

Section of the entablature between the cornice and the architrave. In the Ionic order, it is decorated with scenes sculpted in relief.

cornice click to hear

Molding projection on top of the entablature. In the Ionic order, it is decorated with a series of dentils.

sima click to hear

Decorated molding on the face of the pediment’s sloping cornice.

euthynteria click to hear

Base that serves to level the surface on which the temple rests.

torus click to hear

Molding in the shape of a large ring, located at the base of the column.

volute click to hear

Ornament sculpted in spirals.

abacus click to hear

Slab covering the capital and supporting the architrave.

tympanum click to hear

Triangular surface between the cornice and the pediment’s two sloping cornices.