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plan nave crossing choir apse chevet porch aisle transept ambulatory apsidiole Lady chapel

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Area located at the crossing of the transept and the nave of the cathedral.

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Area just beyond the transept where the clergy stand during the liturgy.

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Vaulted or polygonal area forming the end of the choir where the high altar is usually located.

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Semicircular area at the back of the cathedral that includes the apse and the ambulatory.

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Part of a cathedral’s façade where the doors open; it can vary in depth.

aisle click to hear

Lateral nave, usually separated from the main nave by a row of columns.

transept click to hear

Transverse area separating the choir from the nave and forming the arms of a cross.

ambulatory click to hear

Gallery that makes it possible to walk around the cathedral’s choir, starting from the transept.

apsidiole click to hear

Small lateral chapel arranged in a semicircle behind the choir surrounding the apse.

Lady chapel click to hear

Chapel located beyond the walls at the back of the cathedral, in the axis of the nave.