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elevatorclick to hear

Mechanical apparatus with a car that provides automated movement of people between the levels of a building.
elevator call button car guide rail speed governor car safety counterweight counterweight guide rail limit switch governor tension sheave buffer elevator car hoisting rope winch

call button click to hear

Button that is pressed to summon the elevator car.

car guide rail click to hear

Metal bar along which the car slides, preventing it from rocking from side to side.

speed governor click to hear

Mechanism that triggers the car safety in the event the car moves too quickly.

car safety click to hear

Security device that stops the elevator car in the event that it moves too fast or the hoisting rope is severed or damaged.

counterweight click to hear

Mobile unit comprised of a heavy mass whose weight counterbalances that of the elevator car and its passengers.

counterweight guide rail click to hear

Metal bar along which the counterweight slides; it prevents the counterweight from rocking from side to side.

limit switch click to hear

Switch that allows the elevator car to stop at every floor.

governor tension sheave click to hear

Device that serves to keep the speed governor cable taut.

buffer click to hear

Piece of equipment that brings the elevator car to a stop and absorbs the impact.

elevator car click to hear

The elevator’s mobile compartment, designed to transport passengers.

hoisting rope click to hear

Cable that allows the vertical movement of the elevator car.

winch click to hear

Mechanism that moves the car by means of the hoisting rope.