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Greek temple [1]click to hear

Building that, in antiquity, was dedicated to a divinity and featured a statue of that divinity.
Greek temple [1] antefix tile pronaos grille ramp euthynteria stylobate peristyle crepidoma column entablature architrave frieze cornice sloping cornice pediment tympanum acroterion

antefix click to hear

Ornamental element used to decorate the edges and the peak of the roof.

tile click to hear

Hard surface, usually made of baked molded clay, used as a covering for roofs.

pronaos click to hear

Front section of the temple; it provides access to the naos.

grille click to hear

Trellis enclosing the pronaos or the opisthodomos.

ramp click to hear

Inclined plane that provides access to the temple.

euthynteria click to hear

Base that serves to level the surface on which the temple rests.

stylobate click to hear

Upper section of the crepidoma; it supports the columns.

peristyle click to hear

Colonnade with one or more rows surrounding the temple.

crepidoma click to hear

Base upon which the building rests; it is composed of several levels.

column click to hear

Fluted circular pillar that supports the entablature.

entablature click to hear

Section composed of the architrave, the frieze and the cornice; it supports the pediment.

architrave click to hear

Lower section of the entablature, directly on top of the capitals of the columns.

frieze click to hear

Section of the entablature between the cornice and the architrave; its decoration varies, depending in the architectural style.

cornice click to hear

Molding projection atop the entablature.

sloping cornice click to hear

The inclined section of the pediment.

pediment click to hear

Triangular section above the entablature.

tympanum click to hear

Triangular surface between the cornice and the pediment’s two sloping cornices.

acroterion click to hear

Ornamental feature that rests on a base at the apex and corners of the pediment.