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Vauban fortificationclick to hear

Star-shaped military fortification developed by the Frenchman Vauban in the 17th century.
Vauban fortification barrack buildings battlement embrasure bastion face flank tenaille demilune caponiere postern terreplein counterguard glacis covered way rampart moat guardhouse salient angle ground sill counterscarp bartizan scarp retrenchment parade ground parapet walk

barrack buildings click to hear

Buildings used as living and instructional quarters for the garrison.

battlement click to hear

Wall allowing defenders of the fortification to fire from a protected position.

embrasure click to hear

Aperture in the battlement to allow for gun and cannon fire.

bastion click to hear

A fortified projection consisting of two faces and two flanks, designed to reinforce a stronghold.

face click to hear

Side of the bastion exposed to the enemy.

flank click to hear

Part of the bastion between the curtain wall and the face, making it possible to fire parallel to the face of the neighboring bastion.

tenaille click to hear

Fortification made up of two faces forming an angle opening inward, placed in front of the curtain wall and designed to shield it.

demilune click to hear

Freestanding triangular fortification placed in front of a curtain wall and having a firing surface.

caponiere click to hear

Path dug through the moat to provide access to freestanding fortifications such as the demilune.

postern click to hear

Secret door built into a rampart.

terreplein click to hear

Horizontal surface of a bastion designed to accommodate the artillery.

counterguard click to hear

Freestanding fortification that protected the faces of the bastion and allowed the artillery to dominate the glacis.

glacis click to hear

Sloping terrain surrounding a fortification to conceal the covered ways and the counterscarp.

covered way click to hear

Walkway built along the counterscarp and protected by the height of the glacis.

rampart click to hear

Thick wall forming the enclosure of the fortified place.

moat click to hear

Trench surrounding defensive works.

guardhouse click to hear

Structure serving as living quarters for the guards.

salient angle click to hear

Projecting angle of the fortification, protecting the covered way.

ground sill click to hear

Fortification of earth or masonry perpendicular to the covered way and specially designed to protect the defenders against ricochets.

counterscarp click to hear

Outer wall of a moat, opposite the fortified place.

bartizan click to hear

A sentry box projecting from a wall used to survey the surrounding area.

scarp click to hear

Inner wall of a moat, closest to the fortified place.

retrenchment click to hear

Raised fortification of a bastion allowing the artillery to dominate the terrain.

parade ground click to hear

Area serving for the assembly of troops.

parapet walk click to hear

Passageway along a wall, making it possible to shoot and perform surveillance.