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firingclick to hear

Process by which clay is hardened by heating.
firing electric kiln electrical inlet timer manual/automatic mode damper heating element lid brace refractory brick connecting cable signal lamp temperature control knob firing chamber hinge lid

electric kiln click to hear

Apparatus that uses radiation to produce heat; it is used for firing clay.

electrical inlet click to hear

Device used to draw and control the electric current.

timer click to hear

Device used to monitor cooking time.

manual/automatic mode click to hear

Button used to select the manual or automatic mode.

damper click to hear

Hole through which vapor from the wet clay escapes during firing.

heating element click to hear

Electric unit that heats up when current passes through it, releasing the heat required to cook the clay using radiation.

lid brace click to hear

Arm used to keep the lid open.

refractory brick click to hear

Brick that can withstand very high temperatures without deforming.

connecting cable click to hear

Flexible cord containing conductors; it connects the apparatus to the electric circuit.

signal lamp click to hear

Light indicating when the desired temperature has been reached.

temperature control knob click to hear

Button used to select the firing temperature.

firing chamber click to hear

Compartment lined with refractory bricks in which the pieces are placed for firing.

hinge click to hear

Articulated fastener that raises and lowers the lid.

lid click to hear