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low warp loom [1]click to hear

Loom on which the warp threads are arranged horizontally.
low warp loom [1] head roller heddles ratchet wheel ratchet warp roller handle warp back beam beater handtree harness upright release treadle take-up handle treadle treadle cord crosspiece lam cloth roller weft beater sley breast beam beater crossbeam reed harnesses post frame

head roller click to hear

Horizontal bar used to suspend the intermediate rollers supporting the harnesses, according to the setup of the loom.

heddles click to hear

Metal wires attached to the harnesses; they contain eyes through which the warp threads pass.

ratchet wheel click to hear

Device used to control the winding tension of the fabric and the warp threads.

ratchet click to hear

Movable part used to block the ratchet wheel.

warp roller click to hear

Roller on which the warp thread is wound.

handle click to hear

Part that controls the warp roller when the loom is set up.

warp click to hear

Evenly spaced parallel threads arranged lengthwise along the fabric.

back beam click to hear

Crosspiece over which the warp threads turn to keep them horizontal.

beater handtree click to hear

Upper crosspiece of the beater; it is used as a handle to move the reed.

harness click to hear

Adjustable wooden frame to which the heddles are attached; it raises the warp thread to create a space for the weft thread to pass through.

upright click to hear

Beam that supports the head roller.

release treadle click to hear

Part that controls the unwinding of the warp threads so they remain taut during weaving.

take-up handle click to hear

Lever that controls the cloth roller to maintain the fabric’s winding tension.

treadle click to hear

Lever that controls the harnesses.

treadle cord click to hear

Cord connecting the treadle to the lam.

crosspiece click to hear

Wooden beam that maintains the two posts at an equal distance.

lam click to hear

Lever that transfers the movement of the treadle to the harnesses.

cloth roller click to hear

Roller on which the fabric is wound.

weft click to hear

Threads woven across the warp thread, along the width direction of the fabric.

beater sley click to hear

The lower crosspiece of the beater.

breast beam click to hear

Crosspiece over which the woven yarn passes before it is wound onto the cloth roller.

beater click to hear

Articulated frame that supports the reed and moves it to push the last weft thread.

crossbeam click to hear

Horizontal piece of the frame.

reed click to hear

Comb imbedded in the beater; it is used to separate the warp threads and push the last weft thread against the yarn already woven.

harnesses click to hear

Series of blades used to guide the interlacing of warp and weft threads, based on the chosen design.

post click to hear

The vertical part of the frame.

frame click to hear

Wooden structure consisting of the loom’s stationary parts.