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equipment [2]click to hear

Collective term for the materials, instruments and tools used for engraving and printing.
equipment [2] lithographic tusche levigator disk hole red ocher pencil litho crayon

lithographic tusche click to hear

Greasy ink in liquid or solid form used to draw a figure on a lithographic stone using a pen or a brush.

levigator click to hear

Instrument that is rotated over the surface of the stone to buff it; the stone is first sprinkled with an abrasive.

disk click to hear

Cast-iron plate with holes, used to buff the stone.

hole click to hear

Cell in which an abrasive substance is placed.

red ocher pencil click to hear

Stick of hematite (iron oxide) used to produce a sketch on paper; the sketch is then transferred to the stone.

litho crayon click to hear

Rectangular stick of grease chalk used to draw a figure on a lithographic stone.