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electronic instruments [1]click to hear

Electronic instruments are designed to imitate, convert or produce sounds based on electric signals and digital data.
electronic instruments [1] sampler disk drive function display headphone jack sequencer expander musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) cable

sampler click to hear

Component that digitizes and stores sounds based on recordings of various acoustic sources, and reconverts them into sound signals.

disk drive click to hear

Device used to read or record data on a diskette.

function display click to hear

Liquid crystal display indicating various data.

headphone jack click to hear

Slot that takes the plug from the headphones.

sequencer click to hear

Component used to record, read and change MIDI data, the digital data used to create electronic music.

expander click to hear

Synthesizer used to produce sounds based on digital data transmitted by a keyboard, a sequencer or a computer.

musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) cable click to hear

Cable connecting two MIDI instruments; the MIDI interface is used to transfer digital data and electric signals.