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organ [3]click to hear

Wind instrument with several keyboards; it produces sound by means of pipes that are fed by a blower.
organ [3] flue pipe foot hole flue foot lower lip mouth upper lip body languid

flue pipe click to hear

Pipe that vibrates when pressurized air passes through a narrow horizontal aperture called the mouth.

foot hole click to hear

Opening through which air from the blower enters the pipe.

flue click to hear

Narrow slit through which air from the foot passes after hitting the languid.

foot click to hear

Lower part of the conical pipe through which air enters; it is attached to the upperboard.

lower lip click to hear

Flat portion of the foot; it forces air onto the languid.

mouth click to hear

Horizontal aperture on the front of the pipe between the body and the foot; air escapes through it to produce sound.

upper lip click to hear

Flat part of the pipe that breaks up the air exiting the flue, causing the air column in the body to vibrate.

body click to hear

Upper part of the pipe; it controls the volume of vibrating air and acts as a resonator.

languid click to hear

Metal plate that the air strikes before exiting the flue.