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upright piano actionclick to hear

Combination of elements whereby energy applied to a key is transferred to the hammer, which in turn causes the strings to vibrate.
upright piano action hammer felt string damper hammer damper rail hammer rail hammer shank hammer butt catcher back check bridle tape regulating button jack spring balance rail key action lever capstan button jack damper lever

hammer felt click to hear

Felt-covered hammer head that strikes the string or strings and causes them to vibrate.

string click to hear

The strings are: single and made of copper for the bass, double and made of steel for the mid-range, and triple and made of finer steel for the treble range.

damper click to hear

Piece of felt-covered wood that rests on the string or strings to stop them from vibrating after the key is released.

hammer click to hear

Piece of wood with a felt-covered end (head) that strikes one or more strings causing them to vibrate.

damper rail click to hear

Felt-covered piece where the damper stem rests after leaving the string, allowing the string to vibrate.

hammer rail click to hear

Felt-covered piece where the hammer shank rests when it falls back.

hammer shank click to hear

Stem to which the hammer is attached.

hammer butt click to hear

Piece that is pushed by the jack, directing the hammer toward the string or strings.

catcher click to hear

Piece that holds the hammer halfway back so that a more rapid succession of notes can be played.

back check click to hear

Metal stem whose felt-covered wooden head cushions the return of the catcher and prevents the hammer from bouncing back.

bridle tape click to hear

Piece of leather that connects the catcher to a metal stem attached to the action lever; it pulls the hammer back when the key is released.

regulating button click to hear

Part that pulls the jack back before the hammer strikes the string or strings.

jack spring click to hear

Spring that allows the jack to return to its position under the hammer butt once the key is released.

balance rail click to hear

Piece on which the key balances.

key click to hear

White or black lever pressed by the fingers to trigger a mechanism that causes the hammer to strike one or several strings.

action lever click to hear

Movable piece that transmits movement to the jack.

capstan button click to hear

Screw that controls and transmits the key movement to the action lever.

jack click to hear

Movable stem that transmits the movement of the action lever to the hammer butt and allows the hammer to fall back as soon as it strikes the string or strings.

damper lever click to hear

Stem with a spring that brings the damper back against the string when a key is released.