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wind instruments [3]click to hear

Collective term for instruments that produce sound by blowing, which causes the air column inside the tube to vibrate; a reed or the lips are used to play them.
wind instruments [3] piccolo oboe bassoon transverse flute clarinet English horn

piccolo click to hear

Small transverse flute whose range is an octave higher than the regular transverse flute.

oboe click to hear

Double-reed instrument consisting of a conical tube with holes (some closed by keys) and a slightly flared bell.

bassoon click to hear

Instrument with a double reed that fits into a curved mouthpiece; it consists of two parallel wooden tubes joined at the base.

transverse flute click to hear

Instrument consisting of a metal or wooden tube with holes (some closed by keys) and a side mouthpiece; it is held horizontally.

clarinet click to hear

Single-reed instrument consisting of a cylindrical tube with holes (some closed by keys) and a flared bell.

English horn click to hear

Alto oboe with a pear-shaped bell.