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cross section of a space launcher (Ariane V) [1]click to hear

In service since 1996, this European launcher transports heavy payloads, including the most powerful communications satellites.
cross section of a space launcher (Ariane V) [1] rocket engine solid booster stage main cryogenic stage lower section fairing upper section nozzle payload

rocket engine click to hear

Ensures launcher propulsion by means of liquid hydrogen combustion in contact with liquid oxygen.

solid booster stage click to hear

Provides the main thrust during takeoff before separating from the main cryogenic stage.

main cryogenic stage click to hear

Central body that ensures propulsion after the solid booster stage separates.

lower section click to hear

Composed of the main cryogenic stage and the solid booster stage.

fairing click to hear

The tip of the launcher that houses and protects the payload.

upper section click to hear

Composed of the storable propellant upper stage and the payload.

nozzle click to hear

The end portion of a rocket from which combustion gases escape, thereby creating the thrust needed to propel the craft.

payload click to hear

Space probe or satellite carried by the launcher.