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space shuttle at takeoffclick to hear

On takeoff, the space shuttle is made up of an orbiter, two rockets and an external fuel tank.
space shuttle at takeoff orbiter nozzle solid rocket booster booster parachute external fuel tank

orbiter click to hear

The only part of the shuttle to fly in orbit; transports 13 tons of material and five to seven astronauts.

nozzle click to hear

The end portion of a rocket from which combustion gases escape, thereby creating the thrust needed to propel the craft.

solid rocket booster click to hear

Solid-fuel thruster that provides most of the lift during the first few minutes of flight, after which it separates.

booster parachute click to hear

Slows the rocket’s fall after it separates from the space shuttle some two minutes after takeoff.

external fuel tank click to hear

Contains the liquid fuel (oxygen and hydrogen) that supplies the three engines of the orbiter tail.