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A pressurized watertight suit that provides the astronaut with oxygen and protects against solar rays and meteorites during space walks.
spacesuit thruster protection layer manned maneuvering unit oxygen pressure actuator body temperature control unit life support system controls reading mirror tool tether safety tether glove communications volume controls computer screen helmet ring procedure checklist color television camera helmet solar shield life support system 35 mm still camera

thruster click to hear

Gives the astronaut the push needed to move away from the shuttle and to walk in space.

protection layer click to hear

Protects the astronaut from heat, cold and small meteorites.

manned maneuvering unit click to hear

Instrument equipped with outlets used to connect various instruments and a propulsion system enabling the astronaut to move around the shuttle.

oxygen pressure actuator click to hear

body temperature control unit click to hear

life support system controls click to hear

reading mirror click to hear

Allows astronauts to see the parts of the spacesuit outside their field of vision.

tool tether click to hear

safety tether click to hear

Connects the astronaut to the shuttle, also providing a certain mobility.

glove click to hear

Covered with silicone at the fingertips to provide touch sensitivity and insulated so that objects heated by the Sun can be picked up.

communications volume controls click to hear

computer screen click to hear

Makes it possible to view data on the status of survival equipment.

helmet ring click to hear

procedure checklist click to hear

A booklet containing the procedures to follow during space walks.

color television camera click to hear

helmet click to hear

Plastic shell that covers the head, allowing the astronaut to breathe and to see.

solar shield click to hear

Translucent part of the helmet that allows the astronaut to see and protects against the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.

life support system click to hear

Module that contains, in particular, a supply of oxygen, a cooling system and a carbon dioxide disposal system.

35 mm still camera click to hear

A single-objective reflex camera that uses 35 mm film to capture an image.