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international space stationclick to hear

Complex made up of some 10 modules in orbit around Earth; built and assembled by 15 countries, it is used to conduct scientific and technological research on weightlessness.
international space station mobile remote servicer crew return vehicle remote manipulator system Russian module photovoltaic arrays U.S. habitation module radiators truss structure U.S. laboratory remote manipulator system centrifuge module European experiment module mating adaptor Japanese experiment module

mobile remote servicer click to hear

Base that supports the arm and allows it to move about the structure.

crew return vehicle click to hear

Vehicle used to bring the crew back to Earth in case of emergency.

remote manipulator system click to hear

This mechanical arm is used to lift heavy loads during the assembly of the station and to perform maintenance work.

Russian module click to hear

Generates the station’s electrical energy using photovoltaic cells.

photovoltaic arrays click to hear

Panels that supply power to the station by transforming the Sun’s light into electrical current.

U.S. habitation module click to hear

Designed to accommodate six persons; contains a kitchen, roomettes, a bathroom and first-aid equipment.

radiators click to hear

Corrugated panels ensuring heat evacuation from the station.

truss structure click to hear

Truss frame attached to the U.S. laboratory.

U.S. laboratory click to hear

Designed to carry out scientific activities, particularly in the life sciences and in physics.

remote manipulator system click to hear

Mechanical arm designed to conduct scientific experiments on the Japanese platform.

centrifuge module click to hear

Module used to create variable artificial gravity, making it possible to study the effect of gravity levels on living organisms.

European experiment module click to hear

Designed to conduct research in the life and materials sciences, in physics and in numerous other technologies.

mating adaptor click to hear

Connector on which the space shuttle orbiter docks during most of the station’s supply and assembly missions.

Japanese experiment module click to hear

Designed to conduct research in the life sciences and in the science of matter; also equipped with a platform for outside experiments.