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structure of the Sun [1]click to hear

From the center to the periphery are the core, the radiation and convection zones, the photosphere, the chromosphere and the corona.
structure of the Sun [1] flare faculae spicules photosphere corona prominence

flare click to hear

Violent projection of extremely hot gas into space, provoking polar auroras on Earth a few days later.

faculae click to hear

Luminous region of the photosphere.

spicules click to hear

A narrow jet of gas in the form of a plume observed in the solar chromosphere.

photosphere click to hear

Visible surface of the Sun, with a temperature of 10,000°F.

corona click to hear

The outermost layer of the solar atmosphere, visible in the form of a halo during a total eclipse; corona temperatures can reach 1,800,000°F.

prominence click to hear

Gas that erupts from the chromosphere and solar corona, contrasting with the darkness of space.