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elements of ancient costume [10]click to hear

Examples of different articles of clothing characteristic of a period, country, condition or occasion.
elements of ancient costume [10] gaiter heeled shoe bicorne tricorne collaret fraise hennin crakow

gaiter click to hear

Cover for the top of the shoe and the lower part of the leg; it was held in place by an understrap and fastened at the side with buttons or hooks.

heeled shoe click to hear

In the 17th century, the heeled shoe had a large tongue decorated with a bow or a buckle.

bicorne click to hear

Men’s hat with a brim folded into two points; it replaced the tricorne after the French Revolution.

tricorne click to hear

Men’s hat with a brim folded into three points and a relatively flat crown; it was worn in the 17th and 18th centuries.

collaret click to hear

Piece of delicate, pleated or gathered fabric that adorned the neck of a dress; its shape varied greatly from one period to another.

fraise click to hear

Stiff pleated collaret worn by men and women from the late 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century.

hennin click to hear

In the 15th century, a high cylindrical women’s headdress that was covered in expensive fabric; a transparent veil of medium length hung from it.

crakow click to hear

Shoe characterized by a disproportionately long toe; it was in fashion from the end of the 14th through the 15th century.