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traditional clothingclick to hear

Examples of clothing that have characterized different regions for a number of generations.
traditional clothing loincloth boubou caftan fez turban

loincloth click to hear

Piece of fabric or woven plant fibers that is worn around the waist by certain peoples of South America, Africa and Oceania.

boubou click to hear

Full garment made from a length of fabric folded in two; it is worn by black African men and women.

caftan click to hear

Long full garment, often richly decorated; it is worn by men as ceremonial attire in the eastern Mediterranean region.

fez click to hear

Skullcap of white or red woolen fabric, usually bearing a tassel; it has long been the traditional Turkish headgear.

turban click to hear

Headgear worn by men in the eastern Mediterranean region and southern Asia and made from a strip of fabric encircling the head.