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men’s headgear [1]click to hear

men’s headgear [1] derby skullcap boater felt hat brim bow binding hatband crown

derby click to hear

Headgear primarily for men that appeared at the end of the 19th century; it is made of stiff felt with a circular rounded crown and an upturned narrow brim.

skullcap click to hear

Small round cap covering only the top of the head.

boater click to hear

Stiff straw headgear with a flat brim of uniform width and an oval crown circled with a ribbon; it was worn at the end of the 19th century.

felt hat click to hear

Soft hat with a dented crown that is adorned with a wide ribbon; it is made from a single piece and has a brim of uniform width.

brim click to hear

Part of the hat encircling the base of the crown.

bow click to hear

Point where the ends of the hatband are tied to trim the hat.

binding click to hear

Strip of fabric running along the edge of the hat.

hatband click to hear

Wide silk ribbon decorating the base of the crown.

crown click to hear

Part of the hat that fits on top of the head.