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examples of skirts [1]click to hear

Skirt: garment held in place by an inner waistband or a belt that goes around the waist; the length of the garment varies.
examples of skirts [1] sheath skirt kilt sarong wraparound skirt gored skirt

sheath skirt click to hear

Skirt that is narrow at the waist and fits tightly over the hips and legs.

kilt click to hear

Pleated wraparound skirt made of tartan; a usually narrow panel crosses over in front and fastens with a pin or a button.

sarong click to hear

Beach skirt of variable length and made from a piece of fabric wrapped around the waist.

wraparound skirt click to hear

Skirt made up of a single panel crossing over in front or sometimes behind and buttoning on the side.

gored skirt click to hear

Flared skirt made up of several panels of fabric sewn vertically.