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examples of skirts [2]click to hear

Skirt: garment held in place by an inner waistband or a belt that goes around the waist; the length of the garment varies.
examples of skirts [2] gather skirt straight skirt culottes ruffled skirt yoke skirt

gather skirt click to hear

Skirt that is gathered at the waist and falls in wide folds.

straight skirt click to hear

Skirt that is narrow at the waist, tight-fitting over the hips and falls straight.

culottes click to hear

Garment with a crotch that is hidden by its full folds thus resembling a skirt.

ruffled skirt click to hear

Skirt made up of several horizontal strips of material in superimposed layers; the free edge falls loose, creating folds.

yoke skirt click to hear

Skirt with a piece added on, forming the part from the waist to the hips.