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examples of telephones [3]click to hear

The shape and function of telephones is constantly evolving; today’s phones relay computer data as well as voice communication.
examples of telephones [3] telecommunication terminal keyboard alphanumeric keypad operation keys numeric keypad function keys visual display unit housing

telecommunication terminal click to hear

Equipment made up of a keyboard and a visual display unit that is used to transmit data over a telephone network.

keyboard click to hear

Contains a group of keys that correspond to characters and functions.

alphanumeric keypad click to hear

Keys corresponding to letters, numbers, symbols and functions that are used to generate characters or control operations.

operation keys click to hear

Buttons used especially to establish and interrupt communication.

numeric keypad click to hear

Keys corresponding to numbers, mathematical operators and functions that are placed in a specific order to speed up numeric data entry.

function keys click to hear

Buttons that control the terminal’s main operations, including send, delete and return.

visual display unit click to hear

Liquid crystal display screen on which graphics or text data are displayed.

housing click to hear