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Internet [1]click to hear

Global network consisting of thousands of public and private networks of varying sizes; it is linked by a set of standard communications protocols.
Internet [1] dedicated line router microwave relay station Internet user modem telephone line desktop computer e-mail software browser submarine line cable modem cable line access server Internet service provider server satellite earth station telecommunication satellite

dedicated line click to hear

Telephone or cable communications link reserved for one use or for a specific user.

router click to hear

Interconnecting device that transmits data between two or more networks by determining the best path for them.

microwave relay station click to hear

Facility that receives and amplifies signals transmitted in the form of microwaves and relays them to another receiver.

Internet user click to hear

Person using the Internet.

modem click to hear

Device that converts digital signals into analog signals so that computers can communicate with each other over telephone lines.

telephone line click to hear

Linking of two off-site devices by cable within a telephone network.

desktop computer click to hear

Small workstation or microcomputer designed for stationary use.

e-mail software click to hear

Software used to format, send and receive messages over the Internet.

browser click to hear

Software used to search and consult Internet sites.

submarine line click to hear

Linking of off-site devices by underwater cable.

cable modem click to hear

Modem used to connect a computer to the Internet over a cable line.

cable line click to hear

Linking of two off-site devices by cable within a cable network.

access server click to hear

Communications server that provides subscribers with remote connection to the Internet.

Internet service provider click to hear

Company that is permanently connected to the Internet; it provides individuals and organizations with access to various Internet services.

server click to hear

Computer that hosts various resources (including files, applications and databases) and places them at the disposal of all the devices connected to the network.

satellite earth station click to hear

Facility that transmits radio waves to a satellite and receives radio waves from a satellite.

telecommunication satellite click to hear

Satellite designed and placed into geostationary orbit to ensure long-range reception and transmission of signals in the form of radio waves.