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lenses [3]click to hear

Lenses are characterized by their focal length (between the optical center and the film), aperture (ratio between the diameter of the lens and the focal length) and angle of view (width of the captured image).
lenses [3] lens cap tele-converter objective lens polarizing filter close-up lens color filter lens hood lens accessories

lens cap click to hear

Part that covers and protects the lens when it is not in use.

tele-converter click to hear

Component inserted between the camera and the lens to increase its focal length; this enlarges the image of a distant subject.

objective lens click to hear

Optical system made up of a set of lenses fixed on a mount; it allows a clear image to be produced on film.

polarizing filter click to hear

Glass used to reduce reflections from nonmetallic surfaces such as water, glass and asphalt.

close-up lens click to hear

Optical disk that changes the focal length of the lens so that very near subjects can be photographed.

color filter click to hear

Colored glass used to alter the characteristics of the light reaching the film.

lens hood click to hear

Cone-shaped device that reduces the effect of intense ambient light to improve the image’s contrast.

lens accessories click to hear

All the parts that can be attached to a lens to change its focal length or alter the image projected on the film.