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still cameras [1]click to hear

Cameras whose principal components are a lightproof chamber and an optical system, which causes an image to be imprinted on a light-sensitive surface.
still cameras [1] single-lens reflex (SLR) camera rangefinder underwater camera Polaroid® camera digital camera

single-lens reflex (SLR) camera click to hear

Camera whose interchangeable lens is used to both view and shoot through a slanted mirror that flips up (reflex).

rangefinder click to hear

Camera with a viewfinder that is independent of the lens; it focuses using a system that measures distances (range).

underwater camera click to hear

Camera composed of a watertight pressure-resistant body; it is used mainly for underwater photography.

Polaroid® camera click to hear

Camera that develops photos instantly. After a photo is taken, the exposed film is ejected from the camera and develops automatically in a few minutes.

digital camera click to hear

Camera that contains a sensor and a microprocessor rather than film; it records and stores images in digital form, which can then be viewed on a screen.