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analog camcorder: front viewclick to hear

Portable video camera with an integrated VCR that records sounds and images on the magnetic tape of a compact videocassette.
analog camcorder: front view videotape operation controls eyecup near/far dial focus selector power/functions switch display panel electronic viewfinder zoom lens microphone nightshot switch edit search button

videotape operation controls click to hear

Buttons that control viewing of recorded images; they include playback, stop, pause, fast-forward and rewind.

eyecup click to hear

Part attached to the eyepiece; the eye is placed on it for viewing.

near/far dial click to hear

Lens focusing ring used to manually adjust the sharpness of an image.

focus selector click to hear

Button used to focus the image automatically or manually.

power/functions switch click to hear

Button used to turn the camcorder on or off and to select the operating mode including camera, playback and battery recharge.

display panel click to hear

Movable plate housing and protecting the liquid crystal display.

electronic viewfinder click to hear

Small video monitor for viewing the scene to be filmed in order to frame it and bring it into focus.

zoom lens click to hear

Lens for changing the visual field so that a close-up or distant shot of the subject can be obtained without moving the camcorder.

microphone click to hear

Device that converts electric pulses into broadcast or recorded sounds.

nightshot switch click to hear

Button for activating the mode that allows filming in the dark.

edit search button click to hear

Button used to position the tape at the starting point for the next recording.