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road mapclick to hear

Map that uses lines to indicate a network of roads; it often features information for tourists.
road map highway service area belt highway secondary road point of interest scenic route national park airport route number road route number rest area

highway click to hear

Large thoroughfare with separate one-way lanes and no crossing streets; reserved for high-speed traffic.

service area click to hear

Area built alongside a highway providing services such as a gas station, restaurant, lodging and tourist information.

belt highway click to hear

Branch of a highway built around an urban center to facilitate inbound and outbound access and to absorb through traffic.

secondary road click to hear

Road connecting two regional urban centers of lesser importance or providing access to a highway.

point of interest click to hear

A unique or attractive feature.

scenic route click to hear

Road offering particularly scenic landscapes for travelers.

national park click to hear

Zone that the government designates with a view to protecting its natural resources; access is granted under certain conditions.

airport click to hear

Location that contains all the technical and commercial facilities needed to support air traffic.

route number click to hear

road click to hear

Communications route connecting two distant geographic points, usually urban centers.

route number click to hear

rest area click to hear

An area along a highway providing a place to rest and usually having restrooms.