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common coastal featuresclick to hear

Area where the land meets the sea; its features vary depending on climate, wind, sea and the type of rocks of which it is composed.
common coastal features natural arch cave stack sand island rocky islet tombolo spit skerry headland cliff dune river estuary lagoon beach

natural arch click to hear

Arch hollowed out of a headland by the sea.

cave click to hear

Natural underground cavity that results from the slow dissolution and erosion of rock by water.

stack click to hear

Needle-shaped column resulting from the collapse of an arch.

sand island click to hear

Exposed summit of a sand deposit formed near or occasionally far from a shoreline.

rocky islet click to hear

Small island made of rock.

tombolo click to hear

Ridge of sand joining an island to the shoreline.

spit click to hear

Elongated ridge of sand or pebbles extending into the water.

skerry click to hear

Rock tip just above the surface of the water.

headland click to hear

Tapering strip of land jutting into the sea.

cliff click to hear

Steep rock face shaped by a sea.

dune click to hear

Accumulation of sand shaped by the wind.

river estuary click to hear

Mouth of a river that is influenced by the tides; it forms an indentation in the coastline that varies in width and depth.

lagoon click to hear

Shallow expanse of seawater separated from the sea by a ridge of sand or a barrier island.

beach click to hear

Accumulation of sand or pebbles along a coast.