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desertclick to hear

Hot region where aridity (less than 4 in of annual rainfall) is such that plant and animal life is almost nonexistent.
desert saline lake oasis palm grove wadi mesa rocky desert sandy desert needle butte

saline lake click to hear

Lake characterized by high salt content due to considerable water evaporation and the concentration of dissolved mineral salts.

oasis click to hear

Desert zone made fertile by the presence of underground or surface water.

palm grove click to hear

Zone where palm trees are planted.

wadi click to hear

Often dry watercourse that is subject to sudden flooding in the event of rain.

mesa click to hear

Isolated plateau with a flat summit and very steep sides; it features a layer of rock that is resistant to erosion.

rocky desert click to hear

Most common type of desert, where rock fragments fracture due to temperature variations between night and day.

sandy desert click to hear

Desert where minuscule grains of rock (sand) form dunes by wind action.

needle click to hear

Tapering pointed column of rock shaped by the wind.

butte click to hear

Rocky hill shaped by erosion, with steep sides and a flat summit; it is smaller in area than a mesa.