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cloudsclick to hear

Fine droplets of water or ice crystal suspended in the atmosphere; the World Meteorological Organization classifies them according to 10 types.
clouds altostratus nimbostratus altocumulus cirrocumulus cirrostratus cirrus stratus cumulonimbus cumulus stratocumulus

altostratus click to hear

Gray sheet that can completely cover the sky but allows the Sun to be seen without a halo phenomenon; it can trigger heavy precipitation.

nimbostratus click to hear

Cloud in the form of a dark layer sufficiently thick to block out the Sun; it triggers continuous precipitation.

altocumulus click to hear

Cloud composed of large white or gray flecks that sometimes form parallel layers; it foreshadows the arrival of a depression.

cirrocumulus click to hear

Cloud formed of white or gray flecks or strips, often arranged in rows.

cirrostratus click to hear

Whitish layer that can completely cover the sky and that creates a halo around the Sun.

cirrus click to hear

Cloud in the form of wisps or separate strips; it usually appears in advance of a depression.

stratus click to hear

Gray cloud forming a continuous veil that is similar to fog, though it never touches the ground; it can trigger light precipitation.

cumulonimbus click to hear

Very imposing cloud that can reach a thickness of 6 mi and whose base is very dark; it can trigger violent precipitation.

cumulus click to hear

Fair-weather cloud with very clear contours; it has a gray, flat base and a white top with rounded protuberances.

stratocumulus click to hear

Gray and white cloud arranged in more or less continuous rolled layers; it does not usually trigger precipitation.