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present weather [1]click to hear

All atmospheric phenomena observed, with the exception of clouds; this includes forms of precipitation as well as optical and electrical phenomena.
present weather [1] squall hail shower tropical storm hurricane tornado lightning heavy thunderstorm thunderstorm sandstorm or dust storm

squall click to hear

Sudden and short-lived increase in wind speed often accompanied by showers and thunderstorms.

hail shower click to hear

Sudden abundant and short-lived precipitation of solid ice, usually in the form of pellets that vary from 0.2 to 2 in in diameter.

tropical storm click to hear

Low-pressure zone accompanied by precipitation and winds between 37 and 74 mph.

hurricane click to hear

Tropical cyclone comprised of a low-pressure zone accompanied by violent precipitation and winds between 74 and 185 mph.

tornado click to hear

Swirling column of air that extends from the ground to the base of a cumulonimbus; it produces violent winds that can reach 300 mph.

lightning click to hear

Brief but intense luminous phenomenon caused by an electrical discharge between two clouds or between a cloud and the ground.

heavy thunderstorm click to hear

Storm with winds higher than 57 mph, hail or heavy rain.

thunderstorm click to hear

Meteorological phenomenon manifested by lightning, thunder and gusts of wind, usually accompanied by rain showers or hail.

sandstorm or dust storm click to hear